Buying First Airplane what you should know.

June, 16, 2021
Buying First Airplane

Flying an aircraft gives a different level of adrenalin rush, and the idea of owning one will surely spiral the energy. It may be on the top of the bucket list of every aviator. To fly your own airplane is not the same as flying other people’s airplanes. However, there is an attached “fear” of buying an airplane, and it could not be attributed to the fear of heights, but it is more out of the fear of the price.

Aircraft flew high, so goes with it is its pricey tags, which could be the primary reason why “owning” an airplane had become just an illusionary dream for some aviators. However, aircraft are suited for one’s budget and even for the “low time” buyers. Even student pilots that have only a few hours on their logbooks could avail themselves of such airplanes. As the president of Premier Aircraft Sales, Fred Ahles, exclaims that” In fact, a growing number of our clients have been low-time, first-time buyers.”

If you have some apprehensions about purchasing an airplane out of fear of its price, you may consider the following guide to help you out;

AOPA’s Operating Cost Calculator

Mathematical calculations and estimates for the aircraft’s monthly cost and insurance cost, loan payments and tie-downs, and other “cost” related information about a specific model are being provided by the AOPA’s Operating Cost Calculator. It is an interactive device that will provide you some “cost” details related to the specific model you wanted to purchase.  

Aircraft Purchasing Resources 

If you are entertaining an idea to secure a loan for your “dream” airplane, then it is easy in just a matter of click for Aircraft Purchasing Resources is the AOPA’s online page where you can have a direct link to MBNA, one of AOPA’S financial partner.

You may even be surprised that you can have a pre-approved loan even before you started purchasing the airplane. It is conveniently being done that will save you a great deal of time and money. Through this system, you will be surprised by how affordable it is to own an airplane.

Association’s Aircraft Valuation Service

In the marketplace, an informed buyer can make a good purchase for he has the vantage point of assessing the fair and actual value of the product. If you want to make intelligent buying perspectives, you may secure some guide and advice from the association’s aircraft valuation service, which is being provided by Vref.  

You may get in touch with them online or via a call for you to be appraised of the fair and actual market value of a specific model of an aircraft. You can make a comparable assessment as to the actual price from the asking price of the vendor.  

Money-saving information

There are various ways where one may obtain reliable information where one can save a great amount of money. Eventually, you may be surprised that buying an airplane is not as costly as it seems.