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Cessna 150 – A Superb Plane

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In 1959, the Cessna Aircraft Company came up with an all-metal, tricycle gear airplane, which became known as the Cessna 150. Different versions of the same aircraft were introduced, including Standard, Trainer, Commuter, and Patroller. 

If one was to compare the Standard and the Trainer, the immediate difference that could be noted was the cockpit appointments. The Commuter was the nicest version of the Cessna. It came with wheel fairings. Lastly, the Patroller is used for pipeline inspections and other utility tasks.

What Changes Did the Cessna 150 See Over the Years?

Cessna 150 is known as the “world’s premier trainer” and replicates some features from the Cessna 120 and 140 models. However, the airplane comes with some improvements, along with the side-by-side seats that allow instruction and tricycle landing gear to make grounding handling and landing easier. 

The first time the Cessna 150 was produced, it came with a 100-horsepower Continental O-200 engine. Moreover, there was no back window. It only had a “turtle deck” fuselage and a straight tail. This meant that it was not easy to view the rear, baggage space was scarce, and there was a placard against spins. 

Over the next few years, the airplane saw numerous modifications. In 1961, the gear struts were shifted two inches away so that tail-heavy aptness was improved. Moreover, the baggage space was extended so that there was 150 times more space than the capacity to load. In 1964, the back window was fixed, and by 1966, a swept tail was added to improve Cessna’s appearance. In 1964, the gross weight of the aircraft increased from 1,500 to 1,600 pounds. By 1670, this had increased to 1,670 pounds.

 Cessna 150 has always been a small plane. Despite its modifications and changes, including narrowing the center console, getting rid of the floor pan, and bowing outdoors, it is still thought to be smaller than the other planes. 

Cessna 150 – A “Superb” Plane

Cessna 150 has been described as a “superb” plane because of its flying qualities. Proof lies in the vast quantity of civilian pilots who were given the Cessna plane to train. The Cessna 150 cruised at 121 mph with a power percentage of 75.

The Cessna model 150 has been compared to the Piper Tomahawk and Beech Skipper- all three planes have top speeds and useful load. However, the Cessna 150 is known to fly quicker and land more easily. This could easily be seen during flight training operations. Cessna stalls brilliantly with a fair level of warning and is known to have magnificent stability on all axes. However, since it is a small plane, it can feel uncomfortable with the slightest turbulence. 

This plane is eligible for utility flying. It is not permitted for aerobic flying. However, a few maneuvers have been allowed depending on the aircraft’s POH. The aircraft is allowed for day and night VFR, and additional equipment is allowed for day or night IFR.

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