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Why The Cessna 152 & 172 Are Great For Flight Training?

Airplanes from Cessna are superb for flight training as they can handle the constant pressure, which training throws on them. Students can make errors and learn during flight training without putting them at risk every time. Cessna airplanes are stable yet very controllable, enabling an extensive array of maneuvers to be practised. Airplanes from Cessna like Cessna 152 or 172 are cost-efficient, not just for learners but for many flight academies and training facilities utilizing them. These aircraft are likely to be smaller when utilized in the training setting, normally 2 to 4 seats. Even if it might have small space, they are enough to let students as well as instructors all the information available for the learning and teaching setting.

Why Cessna 172 and 152 Best for Training

The 152 and 172 Cessna airplanes are perhaps the most prominent flight training places all over the world. The simple and rugged construction and simplicity in handling have assisted aviators in train generations. A lot have gone in the top to bottom repairs and have lots of new components, including propellers and engines. Another important factor of its popularity is it’s easy to maintain features.

Cessna 152 Aircraft Overview

This aircraft was first presented to the public in 1977 and was under production until the year 1985, with more than 7000 being developed. It was firstly built from the 150 models as an improvised version. Cessna 152 has a dual set, fixed tricycle gear, one engine airplane armed with Lycoming O-235.  This is considered an extremely versatile airplane.

Here are the specs of the Cessna 152 Aircraft

Accommodate two passengers

  • It has a length of 24 ft and 4.”
  • It has a highest of 8 ft and 6.”
  • 1081 pounds empty weight ( varies a bit between each individual airplane)
  • It has a gross weight of 1670 pounds
  • 110 horsepower
  • It has a maximum speed of 109 knots
  • It has a cruise speed of 107 knots
  • It is armed with two-bladed fixed pitch and 69″ McCauley
  • The stall speed of 43 knots
  • 14,700-foot service ceiling
  • It has a range of 415 nautical miles at 10,000ft and 350 nautical miles at 8,000 75 percent power.

Cessna 172 Aircraft Overview

This aircraft was initially flown in the year 1955 and is still manufactured until this time. More units have been produced than other airplanes. In fact, there are more than 40,000 units produced, and it is regarded as the most successful airplane in history.

Cessna 172 aircraft is regarded a bigger and very powerful than the previous 172 models.  What makes it a good flight training aircraft is the high wing fixed tricycle gear, and it accommodates four passengers, not like the previous model. There are a lot of variations of this model developed, with some of the most popular models being the 172SP, 172R, 172P, and 172N. Models built at this point are normally armed with the Garmin 1000 avionics suite. Also, there have been exceptional alterations to some variants. Some 172 models can operate on Jet-A fuel.

Here are the specs of the 172 Cessna aircraft:

  • Accommodate four passengers
  • 27ft and 2″ length
  • 32 ft and 1″ wingspan
  • It has a height of 8ft and 11.”
  • 1,639 empty weight
  • 2. 450 gross weight
  • Two bladed fixed pitch propeller
  • A maximum speed of 163 knots
  • It has a stall speed of 47 knots
  • It has a range of 687 nautical miles at 10,000 ft 60 percent power
  • The service ceiling of 13,500ft

The Cessna 152 is simpler and smaller to keep up with, and this mirrors on the lower for every hour rate. On the other hand, this might be more of a challenger when it comes to comfort, most particularly for taller students. The Cessna 172 has a heavier feel on controls. This model has more interior space and is able to go farther, and also stands out when it comes to performance. According to DPEs, when a pilot is able to control the Cessna 152 very well, particularly in a windy condition which they will normally have a simpler time progressing into any bigger and heavier controlled airplane. However, the Cessna 172 is stable as opposed to the 152 models, which makes it ideal for long cross countries as well as instrument flight training where accurate control is required.

A lot of students in the aviation learning center start their flight training in 152. Heavier or larger students might take pleasure in the comfort of the Cessna 172, but it’s more expensive for every hour. This is because of the additional fuel burn of the powerful engine. Perfectly, it’s best to acquire experience in both Cessna planes and be talented in either one for flight training.

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