Cessna 206 Specification

Cessna 206

If you love flying in the air while taking aerial shots and skydiving activities, then you may opt to have Cessna 206. Cessna 206 is being dubbed as the sports-utility vehicle of the air that can surely meet all your air “utility” purposes. If you want to have a classy ride for your luxurious appointments, surely Cessna 206 can live up to that. If you are into “sporty” activities, you can also use it for you can equip it with floats, skis, and amphibious floats.

Cessna 206 Specification

Cessna 206

Cessna 206 is a single-engine and general aviation aircraft that has fixed landing gear. It was fondly called Stationair and known in the market as Super Skywagon, Skywagon, and Super Skylane. The aircraft is known for its large cabin, rugged construction, and powerful engine.  

This six-seat aircraft which was introduced as a 1964 model, has various variants and two famous of which are the U206 and P206, which were all certified to CAR3 standards and eventually 296H and FAR part 23 certified.  Amazingly this model 206 had reached a production of a total of 6,581 aircraft between the periods from 1964 to 2004.

Let us take a quick aerial glance at the two famous variants of Cessna 206 Specification;

Cessna U206

The “U” in this model basically stands for the word “utility,” and it is the original 1964 model. If you are going to take a peep on its interior, you can see the pilot side door, and for easy loading of large cargoes, it has a large clamshell rear door.  

This model was known in various names, such as “Super Skywagon” during the period of 1964 to 1969. In the year 1970, it has been called “Stationair,” which is basically a word contracted from Station Wagon of the Air.” The word is aptly associated to the aircraft’s usage.

The engine of U206 was later on upgraded to Continental IO-520-F of 300 hp (220Kw) in the year 1977. As a result, it reached a production of about 5,208. However, its production was halted in the year 1986 when the manufacturing of piston-engine aircraft was being stopped by Cessna.

Cessna P206

If the “U” stands for “utility,” the “P” in this model is for the word “passenger.”  It is basically designed for passengers, and it has doors that bear similarity to Cessna 210 (213 KW). The P206 has been added to the different Cessna variants in the year 1965.

Cessna 206 is a great choice.

You might be wondering what makes Cessna 206 stands out among the aircraft in the market, and most aviators consider it a great choice. Primarily they were drawn to the outstanding features of these ordinary-looking airplanes. It has the capability for load-hauling. It has double doors that can handle the loading and unloading of large cargoes. But the best thing is that most of the proud owners of this model claim that Cessna 206 is exceptionally stable even during turbulent conditions. With those outstanding features, it is no wonder why most of the aviators make it their top pick.

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