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Cessna 414: A Constant Favorite

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cessna 414

As the Cessna 414 makes its way into extinction, the demand for these airplanes is becoming increasingly popular. The early 414 airplanes could easily be distinguished because of their tip tanks and stumpy nose. By 1978, the Cessna saw some changes and was renamed the 414A Chancellor. This new airplane had a nose almost three feet long and a wingspan of additional 4.5 feet. 

Cessna 414 features

Cessna 414 is a pressurized metal airplane with 6-8 seats with a low wing and twin-engine. It comes with the retractable tricycle landing gear. This airplane is only eligible for spins and maneuvers that fall in the normal category. When following guidelines according to F.A.R. 91 or F.A.R 135, it is allowed for day and night VFR/ IFR operations. 

Cessna 414 receives its power from two horizontally opposed engines. These are six cylindered, direct drive, turbocharged engines that are air-cooled and fuel injected. They are each of 310 horsepower and are Continental Model TSIO-520-NBs. 

There are two main tanks, fuel selectors, and emergency crossfeed shutoff valves in the fuel system. For the sealed wet wing to operate, the main tanks are essential. Outside the tanks lie the auxiliary fuel pumps. In the cockpit, rest the fuel flow gauge, fuel quantity gauge, and a low fuel emergency warning light.

There is an alternator on each of Cessna 414’s engines. This airplane has a 28-volt, negative ground, direct current electrical system, and it comes with a 24-volt battery. 

Cessna 414 specifications

Cessna 414 has a wonderfully spacious cabin. It is an aircraft that must be flown on higher heights. When it is above 12,000 feet, the aircraft’s speed is lowered by the turbocharging. At FL 250, 224 knots are used by the aircraft when it is at 75-percent power. 

Based on the modifications, advancements, and equipment, the price of the Cessna 414 can vary. Since all the previous models have some form of modification done, you are not likely to find an original Cessna 414 in stock. However, this is not a bad thing. The current 414’s are more useful because they have a higher gross weight.

Below are some more details about the aircraft: 

  • The 1970 Cessna 414 has a total of 6 cylinders.
  • Each of the engines has a horsepower of 310
  • Fuel-injected
  • The propeller is of constant speed.
  • The airplane has a fuel capacity of 102 gallons. The long-range ranks have a fuel capacity of 143 and 184 gallons.
  • The minimum octane fuel required is 100
  • In the normal category, the aircraft’s takeoff and landing weight lie at 6,350/ 6,200 lbs.
  • The standard empty weight of the Cessna 414 is 4,039 lbs.
  • It has a baggage capacity of 930 lbs. 

To sum it up, the Cessna 414 is an incredibly flexible aircraft. It can comfortably fit six people in its pressurized cabin for a 2-hour long trip. It also has space to fly approximately 1,200 miles with two people on board. Buyers would still vouch for the 414, despite various competitors, due to the availability of modifications.

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