Cessna Caravan Amphib

Cessna Caravan Amphib

One of the best aircraft types and models that can be found in the market today is the Cessna Caravan Amphib. It has remarkable features that provide great advantages to all its owners and passengers. Caravan Amphib is high manufactured or produced by Cessna Company. That’s why the aircraft company itself is proud enough to announce that they already have the aircraft in the marketplace, which became prominent across the world.  

Do you want to know more about the special features and specifications of the Cessna Caravan Amphib? Well, it’s high time to keep in touch on the succeeding discussions, and you will surely be amazed at its overall design and styles. Below are some exceptional features which Cessna Caravan Amphib offers:

• Dimensions — This kind of aircraft is spacious enough to occupy around 10-14 passengers during the flight. It would be perfect for a business flight transaction, especially if you’re planning to have a trip with some special individuals. It has a length of 11.61 m., a height of 5.36 m., a wingspan of 15.87 m., a wing area of 26 sq. m., and a wheelbase around 4.44 m. It can also accommodate around 420 kg. for the actual baggage capacity.  

• Weights — When it comes to its weight, it offers a maximum ramp weight of 3,985 kg, while and the maximum weight of it during takeoff might be 3,969 kg. It can also store a high volume of fuel capacity, which is about 332 gallons (1,256.76 liters).

• Performance — Caravan Amphib is one of the aircraft models that exceed the expectations of many people. It is because it offers a great performance level. In fact, it has a max cruise speed of 294 km per hour, and its maximum range is about 1,682 km. In addition, it has a max limit speed of 324 km per hour and a max climb rate of 286 mpm. Aside from that, it has a stall speed of 60 kcas or 111 km per hour.

This aircraft has several advantages because of its best attributes. Because of these things and unique attributes and specifications, the passenger’s experience throughout the flight would be incomparable.  

Cessna Caravan Amphib Versus Other Types of Aircraft in the Market

Compared to other types of aircraft that can be purchased and found in the marketplace, Caravan Amphib by Cessna Company is unrivaled when it comes to its overall designs and styles.  

Terrain Awareness

Cessna Caravan Amphib features Garmin TAWS or the so-called Terrain Awareness & Warning System. The main objective of this optional feature is to be aware of the overall situation during the flight and improve the overall safety by reducing the risks of controlled flights into terrain. With this, you can hear and see alerts from its system when the aircraft comes on some altitudes edge from any obstacles or terrain.  

High-Quality Design for Overall Safety Precaution

The flight deck of Caravan Amphib sets innovative standards in reliable, simple, and smart controls for the pilots in different phases of flight. In fact, all switches and controls in this Caravan Amphib can be easily accessed, which is highly designed with thorough research on human engineering factors. 

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