Cessna Citation X

Cessna Citation X

One of the American business jets Cessna made is the Citation X. This kind of American jet is the third-fastest aircraft documented globally. It’s a mere fact that Tupolev Tu-144 and Concorde are faster than Citation X. However, Cessna Citation X is a type of long-range aircraft, which is highly-designed for transcontinental flights. In fact, its overall design is suitable for a trans-Atlantic range that can quickly travel compared to any other type of aircraft across the world.  

Cessna Citation X adapted its design on fuselage from the previous types or Cessna Citations such as VII, VI, and III. However, there are still some differences between Citation X and those previous types. One of its discrepancies is the number of shoulders and headroom compared to its previous types. Citation X contains more shoulder and headroom. Aside from that, Cessna Citation X also utilizes quite longer wings in comparison to the other citations.  

The Best Things About Cessna Citation X

Cessna is proud to announce that Cessna Citation X has numerous best features. Some of the best things that you may know about this aircraft are the following:

  • It is said to be one of the fastest aircraft types available in the world.  
  • It has a cabin that stretches around 23.9 ft (7.28 m) and 5.5 ft (167.64 cm) in terms of its width. In fact, it is the largest cabin in terms of Citation series. Its ceiling is around 5.7 ft (173.74 cm) high.  
  • When it comes to seating configurations, it offers 8 executive seats with additional comfortable seats and capacity for reclining. It has also a well-equipped galley.
  • Citation X by Cessna has a large bathroom situated at the back portion of private jet. It has also a spacious closet which serves as garment storage for garment bags.
  • The baggage compartment storage of Cessna Citation X is pressurized and heated so that things and belongings will not be damaged during the flight. This compartment storage holds around 82 cubic ft (2.32 cubic meters)., or approximately 770 lbs. of luggage.  
  • The aircraft has an exquisite visual appeal on its exterior parts. In fact, it has a sleek design that features clean lines and an overall perfect appearance.  
  • It also has a flight/autopilot director system with a five 7 by 8 inches (20.32 centimetres) screen, replacing standard analogue equipment with the clean, easy-to-read display of EICAS.  
  • This aircraft has a two-type management system, which comes with a standard containing Honeywell GPS.  
  • In 2004, the company announced its Improved Vision System. This kind of system is useful equipment that utilizes infrared sensors to create visuals for the aircraft pilot during the flight, especially during rainstorms, snows, fog, or at night.  

Cessna Citation X is one of the best aircraft produced in the world. This makes it one of the prominent business jets used for transportation purposes. It would be a perfect option for both international flights and short trips with its features and best designs. Its overall design, speed, reliability, and efficiency are incomparable to the other types of aircraft across the world.  

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