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Cessna Aircraft Company, now called Textron, Inc., has been one of the most diverse producers and highest volume of business jets and piston-powered aircraft across the world since the 20th century. 

Established and founded in 1927, it has transformed into a sought-after aircraft manufacturer despite the intense competition. 

Serving the market with constantly changing aviation requirements for almost a century is not easy. But Cessna has made it possible. It has also remained one of the top favourites for clients of any experience level and needs. 

Since 1927, Cessna strives for excellence, innovation, and quality, which is evident in every aircraft it produces and manufactures. 

What’s the Difference of Cessna Plane From the Competition

Flexible and Made for Different Purposes 

Who says it is challenging to look for a multipurpose aircraft? 

It is now more straightforward with a Cessna plane, as it is engineered for flight training and adventure at the same time. 

While the company has a vast collection of aircraft, the Cessna 152 and 172 are the most popular and preferred planes for flight training in every corner of the world, as they are built with the highest level of safety in mind. 

If riding a plane is your go-to adventure, investing in a quality aircraft is something you cannot overlook, and you can never go wrong with Cessna 152 and 172. 

Reliable Speed 

Cessna is a company reputed for incorporating speed into each aircraft.

As a professional pilot or hobbyist, it is disappointing to ride a plane with low and unreliable speed. 

If your existing aircraft lacks speed and you want to invest in a better plane, nothing can beat Cessna. 

The Cessna 152, for example, has a maximum range of 768 km while the cruise speed is around 198 km per hour. 

That’s a good number. But the company provides a better variant like the Cessna 172, and it is considered the most produced aircraft in history for a reason. 

The range, in particular, is 1185 km. The cruise speed, on the contrary, is 226 km per hour. 

Powerful Engine 

What factors do you consider when looking for a small aircraft? Apart from the speed, a powerful engine is perhaps included in your list, and the Cessna plane excels in this department. 

The majority of Cessna planes are particularly made with a reliable, powerful, and expert-recommended Lycoming engine. 

Similar to Cessna, Lycoming has been serving the aviation sector for decades. It started in 1845 as the Demorest Manufacturing Company, in which they provided bicycles and sewing machines. In 1907, it developed and produced automobile engines, and they were of the highest quality. 

But today’s Lycoming engine is far different from the original version as it is more powerful, which can exceed everyone’s specific needs. 

Advanced Display Technology 

Cessna also aims for innovation. The display technology of Cessna 172, for instance, is more state-of-the-art than the original version. It is equipped with the latest technology known as Garmin G1000 NXi. It also comes with Garmin GI 275 electronic standby, which keeps the look of your instruments in a high-end touchscreen display. 

Who does not want to use an aircraft with a more cutting-edge touchscreen display? Every hobbyist and professional pilot would love that. If you have an old version of the Cessna plane or other big names of aircraft, now is the right time to upgrade to Skyhawk. 

Available with a High-Wing Design

A high-wing design is one of the signatures of Cessna. More than its aesthetic value, Cessna planes are an excellent platform for survey and even photography work, even if the landing gear and wing strut may block the view. So, when you are into aerial photography, Cessna aircraft will be your best bet. 

What’s more, they provide extra protection from the elements, including the snow, rain, and sun. They are made from quality metals to increase their durability, functionality, and longevity. 

Cessna aircraft also provides extra storage space under the wings. Plus, chocking and unchocking will be easier than expected. 

Enough Seat Capacity 

It is relaxing and sometimes nerve-wracking to look at a stunning view from above. 

But it is more fun to enjoy the moment with your closest friend, family, or colleague. 

Unfortunately, an aircraft with a single-seat capacity can be a headache. That is no longer a problem with a Cessna plane as it comes with a different seat capacity. 

The Cessna 152, for example, is available with two seats. The Cessna 172, on the other hand, is a four-seater version of the 152, perfect for those who travel with a group of people. 

Whether you are using a single-seat aircraft or wanted to take your experience to the next level, Cessna planes can come to your rescue. 

If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to visit the official website of Cessna for further details! 

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