Cirrus SR22 Parachute System Help Save Lives

June, 15, 2021
Cirrus SR22 Parachute

Flying gives a different sense of excitement and at the same time fear. You may have already heard, read and watch over the news about tragic deaths and injuries caused by an aircraft collision. One tragic incident of which that the whole world mourn was the tragic aircraft accident and the untimely death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter. It is the very crux of the idea of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)which is to provide an alternative mode of getting out from the aircraft in an uneventful scenario.

The fearful near-death experience of aircraft collision was experienced by the siblings, Dale and Alan Klapmeter, the Cirrus’ founders. Such near-death experience had made the Klapmeter siblings to install a device on their Cirrus models that would capacitate the pilot and passengers the way out in the worst case scenario. This paved way to the development of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System.  

Cirrus SR22 Parachute System (CAPS)

SR20, SR22 and AF50 are part of the Cirrus Aircraft’s line that is classified as aviation light aircraft of which the Cirrus Parachute System is specifically designed for. This design is for a ballistic parachute recovery system and attained its certification with the FAA. The CAPS are the only aircraft ballistic parachute that has been used by aviation company as standard equipment.

Development of CAPS Design

The design was a work in collaboration between Ballistic Recovery System and Cirrus. It is specifically designed for the safety and survival of the passengers and not for the aircraft’s damage prevention. The design has a small solid-fuel rocket of which the aft fuselage is being housed and it is primarily being used to pull out the parachute and for the canopy to be deployed.  

The design was initially conceptualized due to Cirrus special kind of “spin resistant” wing. With this design it is difficult for an aircraft to enter a spin and worst recovery from it became more difficult. The parachute became a spin recovery mode that has been recognized by FAA.

Based on the study conducted from the Ohio’s Wright State University and has been published at Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance had showed the effectiveness of the design in saving human lives. It showed a massive decrease of human fatalities once the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System was being deployed. It will be a totally different scenario once the aircraft does not install CAPS in its system.

Help Save Lives

Life does not have any repeats or rewinds and everything happens in a snap of a second. It will be in the thin line of time when your life is on the line. It is better not to take any chances it is better to have a system of which you can count on to use when that “fearful” event happens. Do not waste precious lives on “chances” when you can have the surest way of saving and protecting their lives through CAPS. The system had already passed certification from the FAA.