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Cirrus sr22 – Storming the Skies

If you know anything about general aviation, you will definitely be aware of the Cirrus Design story. The Wisconsin brothers, including Dale and Alan Klapmeir, got together to construct kit airplanes. However, they realized that new-generation certified airplanes would do better with the common public. Together, in 1995, they let everyone know that they would be working on this airplane. This new airplane, the Cirrus sr22, would be a modern airplane with aerodynamic features and would be able to survive the worst. 

The Cirrus sr22 would have peculiar doors that would lift upwards and forwards, similar to the sliding doors of a minivan. The cirrus aircraft would include the most recent avionics and engine management systems so that pilot workload could be kept at a minimum and situational awareness could be heightened. 

Cirrus’s Safety

Initially, Cirrus was going to provide a one-of-a-kind rocket-powered parachute option in its aircraft. However, the two brothers later decided to use the parachute as standard equipment, which allowed the aircraft to be lowered to the ground so that there were zero casualties. 

However, since the descent rate would be 1,800-foot-per-minute, the aircraft was expected to get destroyed during an emergency. As the last measure of safety, Cirrus decided to go with the parachute idea. In 2002, for the first time in aviation history, an aircraft, guided by a private pilot, safely landed using the parachute.

The parachute and rocket, located in the aft fuselage, weigh not more than 80 pounds. All a pilot is required to do is pull forward and down on the handle. This starts the rocket motor and provides a way for it through the aircraft. Beneath the exterior skin of the Cirrus lie wide straps, directly underneath the door openings. This parachute system is low-maintenance; it only needs to be checked once in ten years, and the rocket motor needs to be replaced when necessary. 

Specifications cirrus sr22

The Cirrus sr22 is a low wing, single-engine, four-seat monoplane that comes with the fixed landing gear. It is built using composite materials. This aircraft has only gained permission in the normal category. This means that aerobatic movements are not allowed. 

The Cirrus aircraft’s engine is a Continental Model IO-550-N. It has a horse-power of 310 at 2700 RPM. Moreover, it has an air-cooled, horizontally opposed, fuel-injected engine. 

The aircraft can store 81-gallons of fuel in the usable wet-wing storage system. This system contains vented fuel tanks, along with a fuel sump in both wings, an electric boost pimp, and a selector valve that is three-positioned. Cirrus comes with a two-alternator, two-battery, 28-volt direct current electrical system. This helps significantly lower the possibility of electrical system failure. There are a total of six cylinders in the aircraft, and the displacement is stable at 552 

Constant speed is provided by three blades. The landing and takeoff weight capacity is capped at 3400 lbs with a baggage capacity of 130 lbs. Furthermore, the Cirrus’s standard empty weight is 1150 lbs. Even though the Cirrus is shown to do well in spins, it is not allowed for the maneuver. 

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