Cirrus Vision Jet Range

Cirrus Vision Jet Range

Cirrus Vision Jet also referred to as Cirrus Vision Sf50, is a single-engine light jet produced and designed by the Cirrus Aircraft in Minnesota, United States. This model is a small and carbon fibre type of private jet. This is one of the most affordable business jets that can be used by many people across the world. In fact, it only costs cheaper compared to its closest competitor models. Aside from that, this type of jet offers spacious rooms good for 5 adults. Another good thing about this model is that Cirrus Vision Jet has a range of around 1,150 miles (1,850.75 kilometers) when cruising at 28,000 ft (8.53 km) and 345 mph (555.22 km/h).  

For private and some business purposes, having Cirrus Vision Jet is something that provides great benefits and advantages. With its well-competitive price offered in the market today, many business people can purchase it for good. In addition, once owned, they can personally experience the essence and overall benefits of this aircraft to them.  

Things to Know About Cirrus Vision Jet

If you want to know more about this kind of aircraft, Cirrus Vision Jet, this article will help you. In fact, you can explore its specifications and some of its unique designs & styles, which are incomparable to other types of aircraft out there.  

Cirrus type of aircraft was produced and initiated during the mid-1980s. This is typically the best aircraft of the company because of being a small and single-engine plane. The Cirrus Vision Jet is already in the market for numerous decades. Its prototype made the first flight in 2008; however, the crisis on the financial aspects delayed the plane’s development. It was also true that this kind of aircraft model did not enter production even until the last month of 2016.  

Cirrus Vision Jet:

  • This model is a type of low-wing cantilever plane which is powered by William FJ33-4A-19 model turbofan. This also produce 1,900 lbf or 8,500 N that is mounted at the top of the rear fuselage
  • The overall design is made up of entire composite materials, which is the first for the production jet.
  • The cabin is 1.56-meter wide and 1.24-meter high.
  • Vision Jet can accommodate up to seven passengers.  
  • This also offers 560 km per hour or 300 kn cruise speed.  
  • This type of aircraft is highly-designed for the life limits of 12,000-flight hours.
  • Cirrus Vision Jet is generally the first jet model that offers a whole-aircraft parachute.  

Cirrus Vision Jet range is about 600 nmi with 544 kg or 1,200 lbs. payload at the maximum cruise to 1,222 km with 91 kg. or 200 lbs. payload at an economical cruise. Another good thing about this aircraft model is that it only consumes less fuel compared to the other types of aircraft in the market today. In fact, its fuel consumption is around 143 kg per hour at an economical cruise and 210 kg per hour at a maximum cruise. Cirrus Vision Jet became a well-known aircraft model because of its good performance level plus its remarkable features.

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