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DLA Piper Vacation Scheme for Aviation Law

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Deciding whether an aviation law firm is right for you is no easy feat. It is estimated to be one of the highest-paying jobs in the flight industry that lets you enjoy monstrous six-figure salaries. Hence, making this profession more competitive than ever. But as we know, a financially rewarding job equates to a great deal of responsibility. You must have a thorough understanding of the finer details to achieve satisfying work – from aircraft navigation and maintenance to airport operations. 

Enter vacation scheme. If you’ve been doing your research, you surely realized by now the significance of the vacation scheme for those planning to earn a law degree, specifically in the air travel business. Here, we’ll walk you through the DLA vacation scheme so you can secure a training contract of your dream. 

What You Should Know About DLA Piper Vacation Scheme

DLA Piper is one of the biggest law firms globally, with more than 90 offices in 40+ countries, including Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, and the Middle East. It boasts thousands of emerging and multinational clients that aim to provide value and quality to everything they do. Lawyers work from different sectors to cover a full range of business law services. These include but are not limited to highways, buses, light rail, ports, marine, and aviation. 

As modern technology advances, so as the aviation and air travel sector. That means dealing with a new set of challenges to provide passengers with the utmost level of comfort and security while ensuring global economic success. DLP Piper attorneys have diverse expertise in the airport and aviation industry. They provide law services concerning liability & risk, air finance, and regulation with a focus on operational requirements, airline reformation, project funding, and facility restoration, to name a few. 

Law and non-law students who want to become legal representatives can take advantage of DLA Piper Vacation Scheme. This program will help aspiring individuals earn a training contract and prove to recruiters they are dedicated to embarking on a legal career. It better prepares you on what you should do as an aviation lawyer, what to expect, and how to handle even the most undesirable cases. Above all, the training contract we are talking about here is your surefire way to get full-time employment. 

So basically, the vacation scheme is a three-week period of work experience that DLA Piper offers for any student. Here, you will be entrusted with physical work and granted plentiful opportunities to experience an aviation law firm’s work ethic and culture. The best part? Yes, you will be paid for each work you pull off. It gives you less worry about accommodation and living expenses. Though, the salary varies from location to location. Approximately 100 vacation scheme places are currently available across the company offices in the UK. 

What Happens on a Vacation Scheme?  

Students are expected to spend their weeks in various practice areas where they will execute actual earning jobs. These could be going to court, attending client meetings, taking part in the business and commercial side of the law, or doing other related work. You may also have the opportunity to engage in professional skills training and hear inspiring words from senior leaders in the firm. 

There are leadership seminars, regular social events, and practice group insight sessions throughout the schedule. Some responsibilities include proofreading, outlining, amending, reviewing legal documents, and performing legal research and administrative tasks (e.g., filing, photocopying). Group exercises and projects are also conducted to enhance effective communication, collaboration, problem-solving skills, and commercial awareness at a greater height. The vacation scheme usually happens during summer, spring, and winter. 

Are You Qualified for DLA Piper Vacation Scheme? 

As have mentioned earlier, both law and non-law students can have a spot for a vacation scheme. You have to prepare a CV highlighting your necessary skills, whether from those you gained from extracurricular activities, such as cooperation and research. DLA Piper has extensive knowledge, and experience students will surely learn a lot from, but the practice area may not be suitable for everyone’s preference. It is best to know this beforehand so you can make a competitive application to another. 

If you are a law student, we recommend completing a vacation scheme throughout the summer of your second last year. Those who are already in their final year can also stand a chance. The same goes for non-law students. You can send your application from October to November (winter vacation scheme) and from October to January (summer and spring). 

The vacation scheme might seem extraneous for some. Though in reality, it is a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity that will help build your competencies and know-how required in this highly competitive field. So, start laying the groundwork, doing your research, checking those deadlines, and filling out the application form. Who knows, the aviation industry might be looking for the next superstar within you! 

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