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When it comes to the best manufacturer of aviation aircraft, Piper Aircraft, Inc. stands out. This is an aircraft company that is found in Vero Beach Regional Airport in Vero Beach, Florida, United States. 

Piper Aircraft is a state-owned enterprise run by the Government of Brunei since 2009. There are three people behind the success of the company, namely Gordon Taylor, Clarence Taylor, and William Piper. In terms of the best and biggest general aviation manufacturing company, Piper Aircraft is included in the ‘Big Three” together with Cessna and Beechcraft.

 The Piper Aircraft company was founded back in 1927. Between the years 1927 and 2009, the company is able to create a total of 144,000 aircraft. They also created 160 models of aircraft and around 90,000 of them are still working properly.

Piper Aircraft History

Initially, Piper Aircraft is known as the Taylor Brothers Aircraft Manufacturing Company. It was first located in Rochester, New York, and run by the Taylor brothers Gordon and Clarence. Back in April 1928, the company has given with new name and called the Taylor Brothers Aircraft Corporation. The new name was given after Gordon Taylor died on April 24, 1928, because of a plane accident.

Aircraft By Piper Aircraft

The aircraft produced by Piper Aircraft are divided into three classes; Business class, Personal class, and Training class. 

Business Class Piper Aircraft

There are three models of aircraft made by Piper Aircraft under the Business Class category. Read on to know further about each of them. 

Piper M350

Piper M350 is one of the luxurious aircraft made by Piper Aircraft. It gives you comfortable seats as you fly in the above weather and traffic with your family. Aside from its comfortability, this aircraft comes with a twin-turbocharged piston engine.

The Piper M350 was designed to provide your family with serious freedom, serious capability, serious performance, and serious operational efficiency. Aside from that, you can purchase this aircraft at a reasonable price. 

It has the following features:·              

  • Turbocharged Lycoming TIO-540-AE2A engine 
  • Max Approved Altitude of 7,620 meters and 25,000 feet
  • Max Range of 2,487 kilometers and 1,343 Newton meter
  • Max Cruise Speed of 395 kilometers per hour and 213 knots

The aircraft is made from high-quality metal and wood trim, carpet, and leather. That’s why it is considered to be the finest aircraft under the business class category in 2020. The aircraft comes with seat controls for every passenger, a work table, beverage holder, lighting controls, power plugs, and an air-stair door. These features provide your family with the best experience. You can see that its engine is in quality, so you don’t have to worry. 

Piper M600/SLS

The next aeroplane or airplane under the Business Class category, it surpassed the expectations of many for operational ease and performance in a single-engine pressurized turboprop. There are two additional enhancements for this airplane. These two are Garmin’s G3000 avionics suite and a clean-sheet designed wing. Now, the company is using the platform to improve the support, luxury, and safety of the aircraft. This M600/SLS has a high level of standard is among the remaining two categories of aircraft. It is also capable to give you comfort as you fly the sky above with your family. 

When you place an order for this M600/SLS from the official website of Piper aircraft, you can get free Jeppesen charts, inspections, consumables, training, and fuel. You can get all of these additional free of charge. This airplane has an aesthetically and sublime interior. These aeroplanes get more luxurious because of their EXP package. You can customize your aircraft. The website offers available interior palettes that you can choose from. Not only that, customized badging and embroidery are also available. Its Trim finish and Veneer material improve the refinement of this aircraft. It also comes with a Single Engine turboprop. 

  • Max Approved Altitude of 9,144 meters and 30,000 feet
  • Max range of 3,071 kilometers and 1,658 Newton meter
  • Max cruise speed of 507 kilometers per hour and 274 knots

Piper M500

The next aircraft is the M500 that has the perfect combination of safety features, elegant luxury, aesthetic style, high-quality technology, and jet-fueled performance. It features a PT6A-42A turbine engine. The aircraft also comes with Garmin G1 000 NXi Avionics Suite. The Garmin G1 000 was paired with the GFC 700 Autopilot to meet the highest value and capability in the market. It is ideal for both short-range and long-range missions. This means that you and your family members can enjoy the above traffic and weather without any hassle. The M500 is known to be the most efficient aircraft in the category that offers good freedom, value, and operations.

This G1 000 single and new aircraft is in the market for some years. It is good for any flight. Compared to other aircraft in this category, this Piper aircraft has the highest sales for the past years in the market. This piper aeroplane is also ideal for training purposes. 

  • Max Approved Altitude of 9,144 meters and 30,000 feet
  • Max range of 1,852 kilometers and 1,000 Newton meter
  • Max Cruise Speed of 482 kilometers per hour and 260 knots

Personal Class Category Piper Aircraft

Piper Archer DLX

The Archer DLX is the top airplane to run in the airport under the Personal Class category. It is combined with Continental CD-155 diesel engine for flexibility and LX model for efficiency. It is designed for private Piper aircraft owners. This plane provides a deluxe and comfortable interior. The good thing about this model is that it you can get the benefits from using the Continental CD-155 engine and Garmin cockpit technology.Even though this is the most basic model in early 2020, it won’t provide you with a basic experience. In fact, this early model is known for being basic but performs very well. 

Piper Archer LX

In the category of Personal Class Aircraft of Piper, The Piper Archer LX is the most popular. It is a four-place type of aircraft model that can be purchased these days. This is ideal for private owners. It is run by the latest Garmin G1 000 NXi avionics and 180-horsepower Lycoming engine. Not only that, but the aeroplane also features stylish ad leather-appointed interior design. All this information sums up that Piper Archer LX is a reliable and elegant airplane you can run in the airport. This works best by giving you an enjoyable experience and above traffic journey. In the line of Piper family, this aeroplane is the perfect “step-in” for beginner private owners.

Piper Seneca

Piper Seneca is an aircraft shape that is known for its power and reliability. Under the category of personal class, this one is the model that offers high-quality engine service. It is powered by a twin-engine. This aerocraft features an aft work table, a luxurious cabin that features club seating, huge cargo space, extraordinary visibility, and impressive space for cockpit and cabin. Seneca is one of the few aircraft aeroplanes that offer the freedom that your family will surely love. Compared to other single-engine aircraft, Piper Senica is run by twin-engine, making it more reliable in every flight.

Trainer Class Piper Aircraft

Piper PA-11 Cub Special

The first aircraft manufactured and designed by Piper Aircraft is the PA-11 Cub Special. This is a type of high-wing braced cabin monoplane. It is perfect for private aircraft owners. Its initial flight was produced back in 1946. It was introduced to the public back in 1947. Until 1949, Piper Aircraft developed a total of 1,541 PA-11 Cub Special. 

The PA-11 Cub Special features two seats intended for the passenger and pilot. It features 2.03 meters of external height and 6.8 meters of external length. The previous models of PA-11 features yellow and metallic blue fuselage. Its later models come with a brown stripe in the yellow fuselage. The monoplane has 2.4 meters tail height. 

Initially, the plane was powered by a single Continental A65-8 engine. As time goes on, it was changed into Continental C90-8 four-cylinder, horizontally-opposed, air-cooled piston engine. Aside from that, it comes with an air cooling system, updraft carburetor fuel system, and pushrod-actuated valves. The PA-11 Cub Special can fly for more than 16,000 feet. 

Piper J-2 Cub

The J-2 Cub was an aircraft from Piper Aircraft established back in 1935. The said manufacturer wants to improve their Cub series, that’s why they created this model. Compared to its predecessors, this model features rounded-off wingtips located at its high wings. Aside from that, the aircraft also comes with rudder covered and framed-up in fabric and the round vertical stabilizer. 

Back in 1935 October, the company publicize the plane. It was run using a Continental A-40-3 engine. The J-2 Cub received its first certification in 1936 October 14. The plane has 6.8 meters of exterior length, 2.1 meters of exterior height, and 1.3 meters tail height. It can reach up to 12,000 feet. 


Piper Aircraft is one of the most popular manufacturers of great planes. Most models from Piper aircraft are run by a single engine. If you are new to owning a plane, we recommend you to make your first flight in a plane with a single-engine.

Those three categories of planes mentioned above are composed of single-engine piston planes. Each of them is good for every flight you would have. Even though they are run by a single-engine, this does not mean the plane works in low-quality. In fact, single-engine works as efficiently as the twin-engines. Each category also features unique aviation. 

The price range of each plane depends on different factors, including the quality, materials used, and more. If you are interested to purchase any of the plane mentioned above for flight training purposes, you should take into consideration the power of the engine. Though most aircrafts mentioned above have the best engine power, it is still important to check their maximum efficiency.Fly high with the aeroplanes by Piper agency.

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