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Top 5 Cheapest airplanes everyone can buy

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Top 5 Cheapest airplanes

If you have ever dreamt about being able to fly on your own private airplane, you don’t have to daydream anymore! In fact, you can buy your very own plane for the price of a mid-size SUV! Sounds too good to be true? Then you should check out our TOP 5 List!

5 Piper Aztec – $40 000

Piper Aztec
Piper Aztec – $40 000

This plane is a favourite choice among pilots in the twin-engine category. Aztec was designed with extra passenger and baggage space in middle. It seats up to five passengers offer a huge cargo area and are capable of flying 713 miles with a full tank. It’s pretty fast too its cruising speed is 226 miles per hour.

4 Beechcraft A55 Baron – $39 500

Beechcraft A55 Baron
Beechcraft A55 Baron

The Beechcraft Baron has been around since 1961 and the original A55 model is still in production today. It’s popular for its quality builds performance and entry-level pricing. Although A55 is 500 dollars cheaper than the Aztec it has an unbelievable 857-mile range it’s about seven miles per hour slower.

3 Ercoupe 415-D – $25 000

Ercoupe 415-D
Ercoupe 415-D

The Ercoupe was released in the 1940s and it is well known as one of the easiest to fly and safest single-engine planes. It has a maximum range of 300 miles seats one passenger that could be your mom who you are going to want to drop off at work in your new ride. The plane cruises at 95 miles per hour and burns just 6 gallons of aviation fuel per hour. It was the first small engine airplane with the nose wheel.

2 Cessna 150 – $17 500

Cessna 150
Cessna 150

The Cessna 150 is an excellent handling single-engine plane that reaches speeds of 124 miles per hour that combined with its aerodynamic stability make it a great training aircraft for new pilots. It seats two people a pilot and a passenger. If we take a look at the starting price of just seventeen thousand five hundred dollars we are already getting an amazing plane for a low price.

1 Aeronca Champ 7AC – $17 000

Aeronca Champ 7AC

The Aeronca Champ is absolutely the cheapest airplane on our list. It’s great for enjoying low slow flights at about 85 miles per hour. A full gas tank will be enough for you to fly over 200 miles with one passenger on board. The Aeronca Champ is a great example of an affordable airplane in terms of both purchase price and operating cost. The average price starts at just a thousand dollars but before you buy one you should be aware that airplanes fall and the Aeronca Champ 7AC is not any exception

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