Cessna Citation CJ2

Cessna Citation CJ2

No aircraft enthusiasts are not familiar with Cessna Citation CJ2. It is considered one of the most recognized private jets in the charter marketplace. It is capable of delivering the smoothest air travel experience any pilot and passenger would love. If you’re planning to have cozy air travel with your family or friends, this aircraft got you covered. Though, how much exactly will it cost you to own it? Learn all the nitty-gritty details here!            

Design and Key Features 

The original CitationJet (CJ1) is popularly known for having a lighter design yet high performance and low operating expenses. Cessna decided to restructure it to become fleeter, bigger, and better. Hence, the outset of Cessna Citation CJ2 (525A). 

Also known as model 525A, CJ2 is a turbofan-motorized light business jet constructed and designed in Wichita, Kansas. The Citation brand is generally composed of seven unique models, with Cessna CJ2 being the groundwork. Also included in the series are CJ, CJ2+, CJ3, and CJ4. We can say that this plane is CJ1’s five-foot stretch version with improved amenities. The newer upgrade gives pilots and passengers extra cabin space, a higher range, and increased load capacity. While faster than CJ1, the fuel burn is reduced. 

One noticeable thing about Cessna Citation CJ2 is its T-tail design, which is believed to help improve its overall proficiency, steadiness, and performance. It is armed with safety features, including an avionics system and plenty of programmed systems. Prepare your next charter flight with a rear bathroom and spanking new leather interior. Cessna maintains the reputation of having some of the dependable charter aircraft in the industry, and this model stands out in the crowd. It offers luxury, executive, and VIP jet travel for anyone. 

Among other key features include a six-seat configuration, fully equipped mini bar, and over 1,500 nmi flight range functioning under NBAA IFR 4 passengers. The insides of the cabin are minimalist but speak volumes about comfort and economy. A 248 cubic foot interior means it can accommodate up to 7 passengers in a single flight, excluding the crew. There are two forward-facing seats incorporated along with club seating, a lower center aisle, and three luggage compartments that can hold a maximum of 1,100 pounds of personal belongings. It is mostly ideal for one to two hours of flight. 

Performance and Specification 

When it comes to performance, CJ2 proves to be superior in some aspects. As per the raw experiences of most pilots, the high geared wings and powerful engines can maneuver on airfields where similar jets usually have a bit tough time visiting. Well, part of the credit goes to two Williams-Rolls FJ44-2C engines capable of thrusting 2,400 pounds. This aircraft has a ceiling of 45,000 feet and travels at 351 knots using 139 gallons per hour. Hence, giving passengers peace of mind knowing they will enjoy the entire tour with comfort and speed.  

As for airfield performance, Cessna Citation CJ2 has a superior take-off distance of 3,420 feet and a landing distance of 2,619 feet. The long-range speed is 650 kilometers per hour and a maximum cruise speed of 754 kilometers per hour. Dissimilar to its competitors, the aircraft only emits a relatively low noise level. It has 74.5 of take-off, 91.4 when approaching, and 88.8 at lateral. The standard basic operating weight is 7,800 pounds, with a landing weight of 11,500 pounds and a zero fuel weight of 9,300 pounds. 

Cessna Citation CJ2 Price

It was in 2000 when Cessna CJ2 made a worldwide appeal in the aviation industry. But unfortunately, the production of this series came to an end in 2005. More than 200 CJ2 jets were created, which still exist in the market today. Some are exclusively owned, while most come with shared ownership. North America holds the biggest percentage, with Europe claiming the second spot. Others are in fleet ownership. 

These jets may be available for rent or purchase. Around 10.5 percent are for sale. The rest are under a broker agreement. Be prepared to shell out tons of dollars, though, as it comes no cheap. Well, almost all charter jets do. But we are talking about millions here, unlike some models with an initial amount of hundreds of dollars. 

Cessna Certification CJ2 525A model debuted with approximately $6 million MSRP. It is fairly competitive compared to CJ2+, which can cost around $7 million. Sounds too expensive, yes. For an economical alternative, we suggest applying for pre-ownership of the jet. The price commonly ranges anywhere between $2 million to $2.5 million. 

How about renting CJ2 for a short journey? For 200 hours of flying, the expected budget could be $600,000. But if you want to enjoy 400 hours of travel with your family or friends, the rate comes out to $899,000. Bear in mind that standard hourly rates are inconstant. The aircraft’s model, year, scheduling, and routing are all determining factors. 

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