PC-24 Pilatus

PC-24 Pilatus | The Super Versatile Jet

If every trip you take begins with deciding what and who to leave behind, the PC-24 Pilatus may be the ideal airplane for you. You can load up any stuff, your friends, family, colleagues, and still carry enough fuel to fly at least 1,000 nautical miles. 

Pilatus Aircraft started manufacturing the PC-24 Pilatus Medium Jet in 2014 and continues to do so today. The cabin measures twenty-three feet long by 5.7 feet wide by 5.1 feet tall, giving it an overall cabin volume of 503 cubic feet.

The dimensions make it comfortable and easy for eight passengers, with a maximum configuration seating of ten people. The baggage compartment can hold at least thirteen bags, thinking your average piece of luggage is less than five cubic feet.

Did you know that the PC-24 Pilatus features a maximum range of 2,342 miles and a maximum speed of 503 meters per hour? Typical abbreviations and names for this are PC24, PC-24, and Pilatus PC-24.

History of the PC-24 Pilatus

Pilatus has been the benchmark of European exceptionalism within the aviation sector. They have been a creator of higher performance turbine-fueled aircraft for a broad spectrum of missions. From their ultra-strong PC-6 Porter STOL performer of Air America lore to the market-leading PC-12 single to their agile PC-21 trainer that trains thousands of promising military pilots the globe over. However, recently they’ve developed a real, true game-changer: the PC-24 Pilatus. 

It’s worth noting that Pilatus Aircraft is the only Swiss firm to create, design, and sell aircraft to customers globally. To date, the OEM has more than 1,650 of its respected PC-12 turboprops in process, most of which are used in business aviation operations. Nonetheless, the PC-24 Pilatus is the first business jet model of the company.

Created with the customer’s feedback in mind, the Pilatus is highly sought to design a jet with improved speed and range compared to its turboprop model while keeping the short runway ability. Thus, the resulting PC-24 Pilatus then became the first business jet of the world that could be utilized on short, unmade runways.

Further, the PC-24 obtained EASA and FAA type certification in December 2017 and is certified to enable single-pilot operations. Deliveries began in 2018, and many jets had entered service since then.

What Makes PC-24 Pilatus Stand Out?

Pilatus has integrated many different features into PC-24 Pilatus that is also based on customer feedback from more than fifty thousand hours of fleet operations. 

  • It’s smarter

For PC-24 flight crews, Honeywell and Pilatus have continued to create and polish the Advanced Cockpit Environment. It’s a touch-screen avionics controller that replaces the multi-function controller as standard equipment. That controller was first launched in the PC-12 NGX and has been demonstrated to be well valued for entering and editing flight plan data, adjusting radio frequencies, and regulating the weather radar. Moreover, it offers a slip-resistant design around its bezel for input precision and stability in turbulence. 

  • It is rugged

One reason why Pilatus calls the PC-24 the Super Versatile Jet is that it can take off and land on even on non-paved surfaces. How amazing is that? The plane is always ready to take on some gravel with beefy trailing link landing gear as well as high, rear-fuselage-mounted engines. 

  • It has improved safety

` A new automatic yaw trim function lowers more flight crew workload during climb and departure stages. That auto-pilot mode is triggered when the yaw damper is engaged and will try to hold the aircraft to zero sideslips. If a big thrust asymmetry exists or if one engine is defective, the automatic yaw trim will try o keep at least one-half trapezoid designated sideslip. 

The advanced cockpit environment also boasts the Pilot-Defined Visual Approach function, allowing the pilot in command to set up an auto-throttle and auto-pilot united visual method to any runway and track a straight-in, right-hand, or left-hand pattern down to the runway threshold. 

To sum up, there’s no doubt that PC-24 Pilatus is a massive game-changer. Just visualize beating out a turboprop in short and rough-field takeoff performance along with the same competence to load palletized cargo and cruise 130 knots much faster. 

Coming from a highly popular and proven manufacturer will only further the success of the PC-24 and might even spawn a new subgenre of business-class jets! 

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