15 Cheapest Helicopters in the World

15 Cheapest Helicopters in the World

Private aircraft are generally believed to be far more expensive than helicopters. Some helicopters, meanwhile, are more affordable than others. Which helicopters are now available for the lowest prices?

I’m not here to tell you whether or not you should have a helicopter of your own; flight shaming will always exist. But if you had the cash, you could own one of these helicopters!

Kit helicopters, many of which cost less than $20,000, have recently been developed. For the purposes of this paper, I will, however, only pay attention to production helicopters, that is, non-kit helicopters.

1. Brantly B-2 ($100,000)

The Brantly B-2 is the most affordable helicopter in the world, despite its unassuming appearance. Although it has typically been seen as a total failure, it has excelled in at least one area: pricing.

The US Army Air Corps desired an updated light reconnaissance helicopter in 1946. N O Brantly, a man who aspired to build his own helicopter empire, was one of the independent designers.

The concept, however, was too intricate to be put to use. The Brantly B-2 is the outcome of Brantly’s decision to design a helicopter that would appeal to private aviation enthusiasts.

Brantly constructed the entire helicopter for less money than its rivals, but sold it for an absurdly cheap price of $100,000. It has sold more than 330 times since 1958, when it first went into production.

2. HeliWhale Afalina ($120,000)

The Afalina has been regarded as the most affordable helicopter in the world since its debut in 2016. Being one of the least expensive to buy and operate makes this somewhat accurate.

Many of the aforementioned helicopters are attempts at the “cheap” helicopter that helicopter makers have been thinking about introducing for years. However, the typical person has never truly had access to them.

HeliWhale has made the decision to attempt this. One crew member and one passenger could fit in a two-seat helicopter that was released in 2015 for less than $120,000. HeliWhale received multiple orders for the helicopter as a result of the price and specifications.

A helicopter with a 750 km (470 mi, 400 nmi) range and a 200 km/h(120 mph, 110 kn) cruise speed costs $120,000.

3. Robinson R22 ($328,200)

The R44 and R66, which are also made by Robinson Helicopter Company, are based on the Robinson R22. The Robinson R22 is one of the least expensive helos, just as the R44 and R66!

There were hardly any helicopters owned by civilians prior to the middle of the 1970s. News organizations from all over the world started requesting a cheap aircraft they could use for filming as television became so widely used.

Frank Robinson was one of those who heard this. He made the decision to create a small helicopter with a high service ceiling that could transport two persons as well as numerous cameras in various positions.

However, several of his rivals’ helicopters cost more and had inferior specifications. Robinson offered the R22, a better helicopter, at a discount in order to increase sales. Currently, that amount is about $328,200.

4. Guimbal Cabri G2 ($350,000)

Some of the most innovative helicopter designs ever created are credited to Eurocopter. Mr. Guimbal, a former Eurocopter engineer, struck out on his own in the late 1980s and created one of the most affordable helicopters!

He created the Guimbal G2 to be the ideal trainer and/or general aviation helicopter. He created the G2 one of the tiniest helicopters in the world to do this.

He also equipped the G2 with one of the most potent piston engines that will fit inside a helicopter that size. He also took care to make the G2 as light as possible by favoring more expensive, heavier materials over those that were lighter.

As a result, the G2 has a range of 700 km and a cruise speed of 166 km/h (104 mph, 90 kn) (430 mi, 380 nmi). Being the closest competitor to the, all of this may be obtained from Hélicoptères Guimbal for just $350,000.

5. Enstrom F-28 ($360,000)

The F-28 is not only one of the most affordable helicopters in the world, but it has also been produced continuously for a very long time. The F-28 is typically used as a general aviation or helicopter training helicopter.

Helicopters proliferated widely across the US in the late 1950s. With this, many others attempted to create their own helicopter designs, including Rudolph J. “Rudy” Enstrom, a mining engineer at the time.

He noticed, unlike his peers, that there weren’t many affordable, basic helicopters available. As a result, he created a very simple helicopter that could be used to educate military helicopter pilots. It eventually turned into a cornerstone of general aviation.

This was in part because the F-28 costs an astonishingly low $360,000. The F-28’s airframe shell underwent an aerodynamic makeover in 1975, and it now shares the F-28’s low cost.

6. Enstrom TH180 ($400,000)

Most of the best and most affordable helicopters in the world are made by Enstrom Helicopters, mostly for training and/or general aviation use. Nothing is different with the Entsrom TH180.

Enstrom released a somewhat faster and smaller variant of the F-28 after the success of the F-28 and 280. Even though this helicopter is still being developed, orders are already flooding in.

As a result, Enstrom hasn’t disclosed all of the TH180’s specifications, including its speed and range. However, they have stated that it will have a greater range and move more quickly. The helicopter has two seats as well.

Because of its affordable operating expenses, the TH180 has emerged as the preferred flight school trainer among the orders currently known. And the purchase price is merely $400,000!

7. Robinson R44 ($505,900)

The Robinson R44, whose design served as the inspiration for the R66’s, was also manufactured by Robinson Helicopter Company in addition to the Robinson R66. The Robinson R44 is one of the least expensive helicopters in the world, much like the Robinson R66!

They opted to build on Robinson’s success with the R22 (more on that in a moment!). Here, they lengthened the fuselage and enhanced the engines and rotors.

This made it possible for the R44 to carry three passengers and a single crew member. Law enforcement organizations, as well as air forces, businesses, flying clubs, and general aviation helicopter pilots, love it because of this!

Robinson intended for the R44 to cover a range of 300 nmi at 110 kn (200 km/h; 130 mph) (560 km; 350 mi). Robinson gave the R44 a price tag of $505,900 to make it even more tempting than the rivals!

8. Sikorsky Schweizer S333 ($698,000)

It should come as no surprise that Sikorsky, the firm that created the first helicopter, also contributed to the creation of one of the most affordable helicopters ever. a little assistance from Schweizer Aircraft Company, of course.

Schweizer had been working on a brand-new light helicopter to be used as a personal/trainer aircraft prior to 2008. After Sikorsky acquired Schweizer in 2008, the S333 was renamed the Sikorsky S333.

The S333 was designed by Schweizer to be appealing as a general aviation helicopter for the average aviator or as a flight school trainer. The S333 was created with a medium-range and a pretty fast speed to do this.

Schweizer and later Sikorsky set the S333’s price at only $698,000 to increase its marketability. Its high cost has made it a popular helicopter trainer for many militaries!

9. Bell 206 ($900,000)

The Bell 206 was initially intended for the US Army as a light reconnaissance helicopter. The US Army, however, opted for a different Bell design and showed no interest in the helicopter.

However, other new businesses saw the 206’s specifications and expressed interest, but they didn’t like the way the body looked. Bell quickly improved the outside of the airframe and introduced it as the Bell 206.

The 206 was one of the quickest and had one of the greatest ranges of any helicopters at the time because of its past military use. Bell also offered the 206 a cheap price tag of $900,000 to sweeten the bargain!

The Bell 206, in contrast to many other helicopters used by news crews, can accommodate up to four passengers and one pilot. Since then, it has grown to be quite well-liked among police departments for use as VIP transportation and pursuit helicopters.

10. Robinson R66 ($935,900)

Some of the most affordable helicopters in the world are made by the Robinson Helicopter Company. The R66 is the same. The Robinson R66 is a utility and training helicopter, just as other Robinson helicopters.

Robinson made the decision to reintroduce a new helicopter in the wake of the R22 and R44’s commercial and critical successes. This helicopter, known as the R66, is a modification of the R44.

The R66 is a turbine-powered vehicle as opposed to the R22 and R44, which are piston-powered. The R66 can carry four people or 1,200 lb (540 kg) of freight because to its longer fuselage than the R44.

The R66 can go 110 kn (130 mph, 200 km/h) at a range of 350 nmi, which extends its range and makes it quicker (400 mi, 650 km). It all only costs $935,900!

11. Bell 505 Jet Range X ($1.07 million)

If I had the resources and the authority to pilot any of the helicopters mentioned in the article, I would pick the Bell 505. Because of its specifications as well as the fact that it is among the most affordable helicopters in the planet.

Bell discovered in the early 2010s that many of its light helicopters were getting older and had no immediate replacements. Bell created one light helicopter rather than creating several new ones to replace the several others.

The helicopter can be modified at the factory to suit your needs depending on what you intend to use it for. Bell created it to fly at 144 mph (232 km/h, 125 kn) at a range of 383 miles in order to fulfill these responsibilities (617 km, 333 nmi).

Additionally, the Bell 505 is one of the heaviest helicopters in the world, capable of carrying four passengers or 2,030 pounds (4,475) of cargo! Bell only charges $1.07 million for the Bell 505 in order to increase sales!

12. MD 500E ($1.1 million)

Instead of being highly known for their helicopters, McDonnell Douglas is more well known for their airliners (like the DC-10 and MD-11). The MD 500, one of the most affordable helicopters in the world, was nevertheless created by them.

The Hughes Aircraft Company first designed the MD 500 as a compact reconnaissance helicopter. Since the MD 500 was significantly more dependable and affordable than its rivals, it was successful in this quest.

Given that they were unable to turn a profit on the helicopter and frequent cost overruns, McDonnell Douglas’ bid appeared to be too low. The US Army reduced its order as a result of this.

Instead, because the MD 500 had a high speed, high service ceiling, and outstanding range, many news organizations and police departments purchased them. They also bought it since it cost $1.1 million and could fit 5 people plus a pilot.

13. AgustaWestland AW009 ($1.3 million)

The Polish Air Force initially deployed the AW009 as the PZL SW-4. The SW-4 was renamed the AW009 for the commercial market in 2016, nevertheless, as a result of AgustaWestland’s acquisition of PZL.

The updated AW009 has been a very successful commercial helicopter, much like the SW-4 has done well as a military chopper. Many of the few news crews who still utilize helicopters do so using the AW009.

This is partly attributable to the AgustaWestland AW009 being one of the most affordable helicopters available. It is perfect for news teams and flight schools because it costs about $1.3 million to buy and $200 per hour to run.

In addition to all of this, the AW009 has a range of 790 km (490 mi, 430 nmi) and a top speed of 260 km/h (160 mph, 140 kn). Due to this, it has become a preferred method of VIP transportation for smaller companies.

14. Eurocopter EC120 ($1.4 million)

Eurocopter isn’t very well recognized for manufacturing inexpensive helicopters, save from the AS350/H125. Despite this, the EC120 Colibri is one of the most affordable helicopters on the market!

Aérospatiale discovered in the late 1980s that the Gazelle and Lama helicopter families were getting older and that a replacement was not in the cards. The P120, a brand-new five-seat utility helicopter, was thus debuted.

Aérospatiale had been incorporated into Airbus by the 1990s, giving rise to Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters). The P120 was renamed as the EC120 and released in order to start out strong.

The EC120 would move at 191 km/h and have a range of 727 km (452 mi, 393 nmi) (119 mph; 103 kn). The EC120 is priced at $1.4 million by Eurocopter in an effort to increase sales of the aircraft!

15. Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil ($2.4 Million)

The most “expensive” helicopter in this article is the Eurocopter AS350, formerly the H125. Despite this, the AS350 remains one of the most affordable helicopters when compared to the majority of other models!

The AS350/H125 was initially intended solely for use by military and police operators, primarily in search and rescue, VIP transport, and trainer duties. being mostly used for VIP transportation.

However, this has been observed by numerous civil organizations. Many small businesses have purchased them as VIP transportation for up to six CEOs and many flying schools have purchased them as trainers.

Even so, Airbus built the AS350 to have a top speed of 245 km/h (152 mph, 132 kn), making it one of the fastest helicopters ever! at a cost of only $2.4 million, with a range of 662 km (411 mi, 357 nmi).

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