parachute jump

The first parachute jump

Many people dream to take a parachute jump, but not so many people reach the moment of their dream realized. Such kind of entertainment is freely available now, but people are mostly stopped by the simple feeling of fear.

Firstly, everyone is afraid of the parachute jump itself. But this came to be easily overcome with the help of the instructor. All other fears are connected with the fact that the parachute will not open. You should not be worried about that – you will jump with the D-6 parachute, which opens in 100% of cases. So you will definitely see the canopy above you.

What can you meet in the air after parachute jump?

Of course, other amateurs. The collision with another skydiver in the air will be fatal, so the jump must be done in a way that you have no chances to hit each other. Anyway, your instructor will tell you how to behave in such situations of emergency.

The major problems wait for you during the landing. Most of the injuries are received at that moment. And that is what people usually do not expect.

First of all, during the landing, the ground must “run” against you. If it is happening, that means you are flying with your face ahead and that is correct. If you understand that you fall with your back or side ahead, you need to turn yourself. You need to consider the way you are landing as early as possible. If you find a mistake being very close to the ground, you will have no time to turn. And remember not to wave your legs when lending – it will guarantee you a break.

In fact, there is nothing scary about the jump: you will get lots of emotions and impressions. Besides, your instructor will be ready to help you at any moment. But if you are really afraid to do your first independent jump, better try a tandem jump with the instructor first.

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