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Parachute jump – you need only wish

Probably, people have always wanted to conquer the sky. Finally, after the invention of airplanes, hang gliders, and parachutes it became possible. Initially, parachutes were exceptionally for military purposes, but presently it has become an extreme sport. Today, in order to take a parachute jump and, perhaps, to realize a childhood dream, you need only to wish and to possess a sum of money.

And now more about the parachute jump.

Can you overcome your fear? In the beginning, you need to be sure that you want it. If you are afraid of height, better withhold from it. But if your soul seeks new emotions and extreme, the parachute is exactly what you need.

Of course, you need money to pay for the jump. It should not be a big problem, because you may need only around 100 USD. But the price depends on the type of jump.

Types of parachute jumps:

  • Sole jump (classical). The parachute opens rights after your jump. You soar over the ground, but there is no free fall. The price here can cost around 50 USD.
  • Jump with an instructor (tandem). The instructor does all the technical tasks for you – you only need to be present. The price is around 100 USD. The free fall takes around a minute.

Let’s assume that you have decided to take a parachute jump. You need to come to the airdrome, where the professionals will give you instructions and pack the parachute. After you get the parachute you need to have the training to understand how to jump and control the parachute.

So, the plane takes off and you are already in the sky. The doors open… Enjoy the flight! The instructions you have received will help you land safely.

Are you inspired? You will remember your parachute jump forever. By the way, you can ask your friends to take a picture of you or even make a video. Have a nice flight!

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