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Powered Paraglider what is it?

Powered Paraglider (also called Paramotors) combines the easy flying characteristics of a paraglider with the autonomy and range of powered flight.

It is rather easy to learn to fly a paramotor since it is foot-launched and does not require an airfield or a runway. You don’t need to look for a hill or wait for a blow of wind, because you can easily take-off from an open flat field.

Powered Paragliders are quickly assembled and re-assembled and can be put in a car trunk or even taken as hand baggage.

What exactly is a Powered Paraglider?

It is the simplest of all existing powered aircraft. It consists of a small motor, which drives like a propeller, can be worn like a backpack under a paraglider wing, and provides thrust to take off, climb and maintain level flight.

Once in the air, the paramotor can be used to soar in air flows and make long flights, watching the beauty of the world beneath you.

The motor can be stopped and restarted in the air. Many motors possess electric starters that allow the pilot to adapt his flight to the weather conditions.

Learning to fly a paramotor

Before you make your first flight under power, you need to learn to fly the wing first.

After that, your instructor will turn to the power unit and teach you how to rig and re-rig it, start the paramotor, control the throttle, and conduct basic routine maintenance. You will also be explained torque and thrust effects, and get to know basic safety issues.

After that, you will put these two elements together to learn the powered paraglider. Here you require the same degree of knowledge of flight theory and meteorology, as for paragliding, and also a considerable emphasis is placed on teaching you air law and navigation.

To fly a powered paraglider you require no CAA license, but you still have to know and follow the rules applying to UK Airspace. Being in the wrong place and height on your paramotor could be catastrophic. In the best case, you could just get a huge fine. Learning to read an Aeronautical Chart and how to navigate is not difficult and your Instructor is always ready to guide you through. 

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