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Cessna Top Speed

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Cessna Top Speed

Cessna is an American aircraft manufacturing company that is located in Wichita, Kansas. This aircraft company produced small aircraft, piston-powered type of aircraft, and some sorts of business jets. During the mid or late 20th century, the company produced higher volume and different aviation aircraft types, which became prominent in the whole world.  

Because of the high-quality types of aircraft being produced by Cessna, their aircraft was known by many people across the world. In fact, these aircraft became useful for business transportation purposes during the mid and late 20th century. Cessna’s aviation aircraft highly produced designs and styles that contribute to its maximum performance level. The various types and models of Cessna aircraft offer different top speeds. The succeeding topics discuss some of its types and its descriptions pertaining to the maximum speed during its flight.

Some Prominent Types of Cessna Aircraft and Its Top Speed

To know more about the various types, designs, and models of Cessna aviation aircraft, the following are listed below:

  • Cessna 172 Sky hawk — This is a single-engine, 4-seater capacity, and high wing aircraft manufactured by Cessna. This type has 131 km or 243 km per hour in terms of its top speed. It typically burns 3 gallons (11.36 liters) or 11 L per hour, consuming less fuel than standard 172. Because of this, this type has a 1,639 km range.  
  • Cessna Citation X — This model is the fastest type of business jet and one of the fastest civil airplanes ever. It has a maximum speed of 604 mph (972.04 km/h) at 12,700 meters ASL.
  • Cessna Citation CJ2+ — This model is a single-pilot type of business jet that can be used for business purposes. This aircraft provides numerous benefits such as 7-seater capacity, the high number of maximum loads for take-off, and faster cruises.
  • Cessna 210 Centurion — This model was first introduced during the 1960s. The early version has a top speed of around 195 mph (313.82 km/h). However, during 1967, innovation was made, and strut fewer wings were installed. Because of this, Centurion became truly remarkable in terms of its speed and overall performance level.  
  • Cessna 195 — This is another model of aviation aircraft made by Cessna manufacturing company. This type offers an excellent performance level because of its great designs and features. Some of its best features include 3350 lbs. of gross weight, 2020 lbs. when empty weight, 80 gallons (0.3 cubic meters) for fuel capacity, and 300 horsepower. It has a top speed of 157 kts, and its cruise speed is around 148 kts.  
  • Cessna Citation Sovereign — This Kind of Cessna aircraft performs well and provides great advantages to all its passengers. It has 9 passengers at the regular cabin configuration with 12 maximum capacities. This is an excellent mid-size business jet that stands out from the rest because of its performance level. It can even range around 3,300 miles (5,310.84 kilometers) or 5,272 km nonstop. It can also directly climb to 43,000 ft (13.11 km) or 13 106 m. within 23 minutes. Its cruise has a maximum speed of 458 knots or 848 km per hour.

These Cessna types of aircraft are just some prominent aviation aircraft mainly used by many because of their best features. These offer top speed records for the previous years.

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